Quantrim Review

Quantrim is a slimming tablet that is said to be a revolutionary supplement that can make everyone lose weight and prevent them from regaining it. The “revolutionary” part of this product’s claims could mean that it contains something that can’t be found anywhere else. According to the manufacturer, every ingredient in this product has been medically approved.

Quatrim is made by “Nuropharm Limited”, which is actually a contract manufacturer that makes supplements for other companies besides its own. On the official website, you can find claims made by this company stating that they have been in the industry for 30 years and have worked for over 30 brands.

Ingredients of Quantrim and How it Works

Quantrim only contains two ingredients, Fucus Vesiculosus (or bladderwrack) and Galium Aparine (a.k.a cleavers).

These two ingredients are believed to be able to help you increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite. By speeding up your metabolism, it can help you burn more calories. By reducing your appetite, it can regulate your daily calorie intake, therefore leaving your body with no other option than to obtain energy from stored fat, which would ultimately result in weight loss.

As we reach our final conclusions, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this supplement:


  • The supplement is made with natural ingredients.
  • The supplement may boost your metabolism.
  • The supplement may suppress your appetite.


  • There are no clinical studies serving as conclusive evidence that the product actually works.
  • The supplement is relatively expensive (£35).
  • Too much Iodine may cause severe adverse reactions.
  • The supplement may cause dehydration.

Conclusion of Quantrim

While it is true that this product uses some ingredients that aren’t found too often in the supplement industry, you must keep in mind the fact that it is made by an elusive company, which is never a good sign. In addition to that, there is absolutely no evidence that this product works as advertised. Also, it can’t be described as “revolutionary” until some proves its efficacy.

If what you’re after is a trustworthy and effective weight loss supplement, then you should probably keep looking.

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