The Best Diet Pills & How To Use Them To Lose Weight Fast

Imagine if there were these diet pills you could take that instantly melted the fat right off your body.

Take one pill with breakfast and one with dinner and voila, a brand new you.

Wouldn’t it feel great to walk out of your house feeling confident, energetic and happy with the way you look?

To have people look at you in awe.

Instead you find yourself reading this post right now because you just can’t seem to figure out what works!

You’ve tried diets, weight loss programs and all kinds of supplements but nothing seems to workout for you.

It’s frustrating isn’t it?

I know exactly how you feel.

I’ve tried tons of different diet pills and weight loss systems and the truth is that most of them are a complete waste of money.

Did you know the diet pills industry is estimated to be worth over $12 Billion per year?!

And there are over 27,000 different diet pills for sale online.

Many of them make outrageous claims like “Lose 30lbs this month with zero exercise. Just take these pills!”

99% are a total scam yet a lot of us (including myself) have at some point or another fallen for the claims and handed over our money only to discover the pills do nothing.

Over the years I’ve probably tried over a hundred different supplements for weight loss and it was only recently that I found something that really works.

So carry on reading because a little further down I’m going to reveal the best diet pills you can buy that actually work.

And then I’m going to reveal the 5 step system you can follow to use them and get life changing results.

The Best Diet Pills That Actually Work

Last year while I was chilling on the sofa with my phone out reading about some new diet I was going to try I saw an ad for this product called PhenGold.

My first thought was “Nope, not happening. I’m not wasting any more money on these effing diet pills.”

But over the next couple of months I kept hearing about it on blogs and social media and everyone was singing its praises.

Eventually I gave in and bought some PhenGold from their website here.

I had to at least give it a try to see what all the fuss was about.

Fast forward a few months and I can tell you that PhenGold is now the only diet pill supplement I have ever used that I can say works.

You can feel it working almost instantly and if you use it right then you will be shocked at how fast the pounds start to fall off.

So first of all what are the PhenGold diet pills and how do they work?

Most diet pills being sold online seem to focus on just one thing.

They are either an energy booster, appetite suppressant or a fat burner.

PhenGold is unique because it does all 3 and it does them well.

After using them myself here’s why I recommend the PhenGold diet pills if you want to lose weight.

1: The PhenGold Diet Pills Will Boost Your Energy So You Can Stick To Your Diet

Have you ever tried out a new diet or weight loss program only to find that your energy levels go down and you feel tired?

You feel so tired that you eventually say “This isn’t worth it!” and you go back to your old way of eating and gain back any weight you lost!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could diet and eat less so that you can lose weight but not feel so tired all the time?

Well you can with PhenGold.

Normally when you eat a meal, especially one that’s high in carbohydrates you get a big spike in blood sugar which makes you feel energized for a while but then that spike quickly comes crashing down and you feel tired and need to eat again.

PhenGold contains an ingredient called Chromium Picolinate which helps to regulate your blood sugar levels.

So instead of getting that big spike and crash your get a more stable release of energy from your meals even if you are eating less!

This also helps to suppress your appetite because your meal keeps you feeling full and energized for longer.

The PhenGold diet pills also contain L-Carnitine which helps to;

  • Increase energy
  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Speed up weight loss

When you can keep your energy levels up even while you’re eating less and exercising more you will find it much easier to lose weight.

2: The PhenGold Diet Pills Will Instantly Suppresses Your Appetite

One of the biggest struggles when it comes to losing weight is the battle with your appetite.

How are you ever supposed to lose weight when you’re surrounded by tasty treats and snacks everywhere you go?

Those tasty snacks are especially hard to say no to when you’re low on calories trying to lose weight.

Saying no to delicious but unhealthy food becomes so much easier when you’re taking PhenGold because it is a powerful appetite suppressant.

It stops you from feeling hungry or even thinking about food.

PhenGold contains Nopal which is high in fiber and contains 18 amino acids that helps your body to feel fuller.

It also contains Chromium Picolinate which helps to suppress your appetite by regulating blood sugar more efficiently so the need to eat doesn’t get triggered by your brain as often.

Even if your last meal was a small one you’ll feel much more energized and a lot less hungry.

The results of this study concluded that Chromium Picolinate helped to reduce cravings and food intake which resulted in participants losing weight.

3: The PhenGold Diet Pills Trick Your Body Into Burning Fat

Being overweight can really get you down.

Believe me I know!

So wouldn’t it be great if you could trick your body into burning fat so that you can lose weight and dazzle people with your new look?

Well get excited because this is where PhenGold really stands out from the other diet pills.

PhenGold contains an ingredient called Capsimax which contains Capsaicin.

Capsaicin is a thermogenic fat burner that kick starts your body into burning calories up to 20% faster without exercise.

And here’s where it gets even more exciting..

PhenGold contains a combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cysteine known as a-Lacys reset.

A-Lacys reset helps your body to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar.

So not only will you be burning fat for fuel you’ll also be burning it off 20% faster!

Now you know how it works it’s time to talk about..

How To Use The PhenGold Diet Pills And Get Amazing Results

If you were to just take PhenGold alone and not do anything else then I’m pretty sure you will see great results.

But why not take advantage of these powerful little pills and put them to good use by combining them with a diet and weight loss program too!

You can’t take these pills forever so you should try and lose as much weight as possible while you’re on them.

Here’s the 3 step process I recommend for getting the best results with the PhenGold diet pills..

1: Reduce Your Calories By 500 Below Maintenance

I’m sure you already know that if you want to lose weight you need to reduce your calorie intake but figuring out exactly how much to eat can boggle one’s mind.

If you really want to lose weight then you’re going to need to eat 500-1,000 calories below maintenance.

Your maintenance calories are how much you burn off just by existing day to day.

For example if you burned off 2,500 calories today and you ate 2,500 calories than you would neither gain weight or lose it.

So to lose weight you should eat your maintenance number minus 500-1,000 per day.

You shouldn’t reduce your calories by more than 1,000 per day as this can mess up your hormones and wreck your metabolism and cause nutrient deficiencies.

I recommend starting with a 500 per day calorie deficit and seeing how you feel.

If you can handle it then reduce it even more.

But how do you know what your maintenance number is?

Well, there are some calculators online like thisLINK that will give you rough guidelines based on your height, weight and activity level.

But if you want to get it right then I recommend a FitBit or a device that can track how many calories you’re burning off each day.

Let’s say for example that on a Saturday your watch tells you that you have burned off 2,400 calories and you’re on a 500 per day calorie deficit then know to eat 1,900 on Sunday.

So every morning you wake up, look at how many calories you burned off the day before and today you know to eat that number minus 500 calories.

By doing this you are constantly at a 500 calorie per day deficit.

To track what you are eating and how many calories you’re consuming I recommend

It’s really important to track what you eat so you know how many calories you are consuming!

The PhenGold diet pills will really help you stick to your calorie deficit by giving you energy and suppressing your appetite.

2: Go Low Carb For Maximum Fat Burn!

The more you reduce your carb intake the more your body has to burn fat for fuel.

Right now your body runs on glucose which it mainly gets from carbohydrates.

When those glucose levels are low your body starts to burn fat for fuel to give you energy.

Unlike protein and fats your body can run just fine without any carbohydrates.

When it comes to diet, the fastest way to burn fat is to get rid of all junk food and sugars and start getting your carbohydrates from healthy sources such as vegetables.

When you do this make sure that you up your healthy fat intake too.

Things like olive oil and coconut oil will help give you energy.

For diet eat;

  • As many healthy vegetables like spinach and broccoli as you want.
  • Keep starchy vegetables like potatoes to a reasonable amount.
  • Don’t eat too much fruit.
  • 0.7-1 gram of protein per lb of bodyweight per day.
  • Get the rest of your calories from healthy fats such as olive oil, fish oil and coconut oil.

This is essentially a paleo diet. The paleo blueprint hereLINK is a great guide for eating to lose weight and improve your health.

It’s more than just a diet, it’s essentially a healthier way to eat!

When you combine a low carb diet with the PhenGold diet pills your body will go into a fat burning frenzy!

3: Exercise Fasted To Shock Your Body Into Fat Burning Mode

The fastest way to tap into your fat stores and lose weight is to exercise while fasted.

When you exercise on an empty stomach your body needs fuel to get you through it so it starts to use your stored body fat for energy.

This equals rapid weight loss!

The more fat you have the more fuel you have so don’t be afraid to exercise while fasted.

The best exercise to do while fasted is resistance training or HIIT or a combination of both.

Why resistance training? Resistance training uses weights or your bodyweight.


The reason it’s so effective is because even after you complete a resistance workout your body continues to burn calories.

Why HIIT? High intensity interval training is usually cardio based and involves you going really hard for a minute and then having a minute break and then repeating.

Again this is very effective because studies have shown that even after you have finished the workout your body continues to burn calories.

Studies have shown that a 20 minute HIIT workout can help burn more fat than a 1 hour constant cardio workout.

So basically you get better results with a third of the effort!

The PhenGold Diet Pills “Cheat Sheet” For A Stunning New You!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple and easy to follow cheat sheet you could follow to lose weight fast?

Oh wait, here it is.. 🙂

Step 1: Buy the PhenGold diet pills here because they will suppress your appetite, give you energy and burn fat.

Step 2: Reduce your calories by 500 per day.

Step 3: Go low carb/paleo to force your body to start burning fat for energy instead of glucose.

Step 4: Exercise in the morning while fasted to shock your body into burning fat for fuel.

Step 5: Go clothes shopping because pretty soon nothing you have now will fit. 🙂

I guarantee that if you follow this system you will be over the moon with your results.

Don’t forget to set a goal, even if it’s just to lose 10lbs to start with.

Once you’ve reached that goal set another.

Just imagine how good it’s going to feel after you’ve lost weight to look in the mirror and see the gorgeous new you smiling back!

Get PhenGold here because they make losing weight easy.

I hope you found this little guide on diet pills and losing weight helpful.

If you have any questions or need any help then ask below and I’ll do my best to answer. 🙂

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