Octalean Review

Octalean is a dietary supplement that is meant to help you lose weight effectively. This supplement claims to be able to produce noticeable weight loss by increasing the metabolic rates in your body, burning more fat and controlling your appetite. Therefore, it supposedly regulates your calorie intake. Also, it claims to promote and preserve muscle growth and get you to a lean physique.

Octalean comes in 60-capsule bottles and you can purchase a pack of 3 bottles for $137 and a pack of 6 for $274. You can also just buy one bottle for $48.

Octalean is manufactured by “Pureocta”. They claim that the ingredients in this formula have been clinically tested, but the results of said tests are not available online which is a bit unsettling.

What Are the Ingredients of Octalean and How Do They Work?

Octalean contains Sea Buckthorn to accelerate the fat-burning process and slow down the fat-making process; Green Tea Extract to disintegrate fat cells; Raspberry Ketone to boost the process of Lipolysis and increase metabolism; Panax Ginseng to boost metabolism and reduce the body’s ability to store fat; Caffeine to provide an energy boost and promote weight loss; Rhodiola Root Extract to help disintegrate fat by activating the Lipase enzyme; Fucoxanthin to promote fat burning all over the body; and Black Pepper Extract to maximize the absorption of nutrients and the fat-burning process.

In addition to those ingredients, it contains digestive enzymes like Lipase, Bromelain, Amylase, Protease, and Papain.

Finally – Does Octalean Work?

It is hard to say for sure.

Remember, when it comes to dietary supplements, there is not one product on the market that works for every single person that uses it. Efficacy is almost always determined on a case by case basis. However, if you’re considering purchasing this product, keep in mind that there are no actual clinical studies supporting its claims, which is always unsettling.

Whether you decide to buy this or any other supplement, never forget to consult with a doctor before beginning administration.

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